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Count on competence. How algorithmic know-how can boost your business.

In the course of software-development or when re-engineering existing software you may encounter sub-problems where an implementation providing both the right functionality and strong performance is non-trivial to achieve. Sometimes you may already have modules correctly implementing the right functionality yet suffering from severe and intolerable performance problems. Sometimes performance bottlenecks may have suddenly become apparent `out of the blue´, due to nonlinear scaling of performance as a reaction to growing demands placed on your software.

In such cases you may want to consult experts on algorithms.

Algorithmics is the art of finding efficient algorithms for a wide range of programming and optimisation problems as they may arise in your business - more specifically, in the software that you may be utilising or developing.

Algorithms are `blueprints´ of computer programs solving the problem at hand. Algorithms are efficient when they perform well, consuming  resources such as running time sparingly. It is of particular importance that  running times should scale well with growing demands. It is not uncommon that the running times of inefficient applications `explode´ in a nonlinear manner as the demand on the software increases, e.g. by a growing number of customers. Read more in Algorithmics.

Algorithmic Consultants is an informal network of experts from science and the software business, each of them highly qualified and equipped with a broad range of skills. The focus of their knowledge is on, well, Algorithmics, but also covers many other aspects of Applied Mathematics such as Numerical Analysis and the like. They also contribute various practical job- and tool-experience. Partners & Consultants comprises a list of members, most of them are working in various full time occupations and cannot directly be hired for consulting. Yet the network acts like a body of resonance - by asking one of the active consultants you can potentially benefit from the vast knowledge of the others. That is, if you like - clearly we can arrange for any level of confidentiality you find appropriate.

Benefits of employing experts with advanced and comprehensive algorithmic knowledge:
  • You obtain novel solutions for problems where no well known standard solutions are readily available.
  • You speed up existing solutions considerably by eliminating severe performance bottlenecks.
  • You use your resources to their full capacity possibly avoiding the need to scale up.
  • Strategic advantages: The superior scaling of efficient algorithms can prevent cost-explosions or, much worse, an unexpected breakdown of your services in the future.
  • In particular, algorithms for Optimisation are of an obvious special interest in a business context.
  • Finally, since we have a broad background in Science and Applied Mathematics, Algorithmic Consultants might be able to assist you in solving your problem of a general mathematical flavour, even when it is not primarily an algorithmic issue. This may include questions like "how exactly can I cast my problem as a mathematical problem", "how do I solve a given equation", "what is the probability of ..." and the like.
Count on Competence. Don't hesitate to get in touch .

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